Donate Equipment

Please contact

Regina: E-mail Keith Grill or phone (306) 777-3435
Saskatoon: E-mail Barry Rutherford or phone (306) 931-5625

Equipment that Makes the Grade 

Donated equipment in good working order minimizes the time needed for refurbishment and gets to schools and libraries faster. Thus “classroom ready” donated equipment is preferred.                A “classroom ready” computer is a working PC of Core 2 Duo or Mac Core 2 Duo vintage or better, complete with a color LCD monitor, keyboard, mouse, and printer.

All hard drives are wiped and reformatted before a new operating system is installed.  The exterior surfaces of equipment are thoroughly cleaned of any dust and dirt.


Type of equipment needed by schools


  • PC   – Core 2 Duo – 1.8Ghz or better
  • MAC Core 2 Duo 1.8Ghz or better

LAPTOPS:  Core 2 Duo – 1.8Ghz or better

MONITORS: 19″ LCD or larger  *(we do NOT accept CRTs)*


  • Network
  • Laser


  • USB keyboard
  • USB mouse
  • Network card
  • CD-ROM
  • Scanners
  • cables


A special request

Being a volunteer based program, it is sometimes a challenge for us to handle the timely delivery and refurbishment of all the computers donated to CFS. We appeal to corporate donors to assist Computers for Schools as much as possible by preparing and delivering their donated equipment directly to the nearest Computers For Schools Refurbishment Centre. In certain cases, delivery from a donor company directly to schools, non-profits or libraries may be preferred where it is feasible. Please contact Computers for Schools for more information.

Our goals are to avoid inventory build-ups at our refurbishment centers and get computers into schools and libraries as quickly and efficiently as possible. Your help is appreciated!


The Computers for Schools Saskatchewan (CFS SK) program is managed by Saskatchewan Technology Renewal Inc. (STRi), a registered non-profit.

Funding of the program is provided by Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED) to assist in the operational costs of CFS SK. But because the Saskatchewan provincial government no longer financially supports CFS SK and the federal money alone falls short of CFS SK financial needs we are asking for your help.

Please consider making a cash donation.  Tax receipts will be issued upon request.

To make a cash donation click on the donate button below.

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