Opportunities for operations support

The SaskTel Telephone Pioneers provide most of the people resources that make Computers for Schools happen. SaskTel generously provides much of the warehouse space and transportation from donors to our warehouse and then deliver to schools.

More volunteers are always needed to help refurbish, clean and deliver donated equipment. *experience in repairing computers is not required*

We encourage corporate supporters and their employees to get involved in this aspect of the program. Donations of warehouse storage space, refurbishment workshop locations, and additional transportation assistance are also needed to keep CFS going and growing!



Opportunities to promote Computers for Schools

Getting the word out about CFS is essential to our overall success. A donation of advertising time or space to promote Computers for Schools is one more step in building brand recognition and community support for an important need and a (really) good cause. Be a CFS advocate within your organization or community. We would be pleased to provide you with promotion materials to pass on to your colleagues, neighbors, and friends.


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