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Covid 19 Corona Virus

Our Saskatoon & Regina CFS shops are open. Please call Saskatoon @(306)931-5625 or Regina @ (306)777-3435

Covid 19 vaccination and facemask required  to enter!

Computers for Schools Saskatchewan

Providing more than 90,000 computers in Saskatchewan, part of more than 1.5 million computers nationally. CFS+ SK distributes over 4000 computers each year to schools, libraries and non-profits in Saskatchewan. We operate two volunteer repair and refurbishing centers in Saskatoon and Regina where surplus computers are cleaned, refurbished, and prepared for delivery. Volunteer workshops are staffed by SaskTel Telephone Pioneers and high-school students.

Computers for Schools is delivered by Saskatchewan Technology Renewal Inc. (STRi), a registered charity.


Benefits of Computers for Schools+

CFS helps ensure schools and public libraries have equitable access to IT resources.

There are many benefits to using CFS+ equipment

  • greater ability to stretch IT budgets for equipment
  • equipment is shipped “classroom ready” complete with CPU, LCD monitor, keyboard, mouse and Windows operating system (if required)
  • reusing technology extends the useful life of assets
  • provides valuable work experience to youth and volunteer opportunities for Pioneers
  • provides opportunities for business and government to support SK education system and an excellent way to support reduce, REUSE, recycle!

Where the Computers Come From
Computers for Schools+ actively seeks computer/IT donations from the public and private sector.  Our target donations are currently quad core i5 and Macintosh quad core i5 level.

All federal government departments contribute their surplus equipment to CFS+ as part of the Treasury Board Directorate.  A number of Crown Corporations including SaskTel, Sask Power, and Sask Crop Insurance, and other private companies such as Celero have donated their surplus equipment to CFS.

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